After graduating college, I worked at an Instagram marketing company where I found out I had a passion for all things Instagram & social media marketing. 

Everyday I got to connect with various types of business owners and help them improve their content & Instagram strategy. While I loved that side of the job, I didn’t love sitting in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day, being forced to write the same emails, and living for the weekend…

I’m Shan - Social Media Manager,  Mentor, & Podcaster.

Hey there lovely!

“I wanted control over my own life, to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and to make more of an impact.”


I made the decision that I wasn't going to climb the corporate ladder anymore, & instead I was going to launch my own business leveraging social media from anywhere in the world. 

I understood the power of social media marketing and saw first hand how it could help up-level brands, cut through the noise, & reach + connect with customers world wide. So, I took that knowledge, expertise, & marketing obsession and turned it into a service. 

My passion for instagram is what drives me to help you become the go to expert in your industry, & provide you ALL the necessary tools you need to attract those dream clients & monetize your brand via the gram. 

So lovely, if you're ready to stand out from the crowd, get serious about your content marketing strategy, & have FUN doing it... then I'm your girl!

 (*gulp I made the move).

So one day I decided that enough was enough and I quit my comfortable corporate job

My Mission.

I’m on a mission to help female-based brands leverage the power of social to create their own freedom lifestyles. 

Something you may not know:

I used to do competitive ski racing!

Let’s see what we have in common with these fun facts

It's Quiz Time!

To drink:

Iced Lattes (with one sugar of course)


Marketing Podcasts

fave travel spot:

Kauai, Hawaii

Favorite thing I’ve done:

Live in Bali

Most likely to binge watch:

Suits + New Girl

My Dreams:

Start a foundation to support women through entrepreneurship

Have a top rated marketing podcast 

Have a home overlooking the ocean

Start a foundation to support women through entrepreneurship
Buy a home overlooking the ocean
Have a top rated marketing podcast

After a long work day I like to:

Go on a sunset beach walk